“Our kids really enjoy Jennie as their teacher- she has a great personality that makes their lessons a fun experience.  She is also a very well-rounded musician and teacher- our 3 kids have all taken from her- one on piano, one on piano and guitar, and our incoming college freshman has taken piano and sight-singing to help her prepare for college music courses.”  
~Kurt Heinecke, Kurt Heinecke is probably best known for his award-winning work with Big Idea and VeggieTales, as their director of Music.
We put our daughter Edie in Piano when she was 5 years old.  She absolutely loved it. She has loved music all her life and taking Piano at Williamson Music Studio has helped her understand music in a deeper level.  Jen has so much experience in teaching to children and its apparent she has a heart for it.  We enrolled our second daughter there also with another teacher and have also been floored with her excitement to express herself through music. We would recommend this studio for their determination to really know each student and place them with the right teacher and program for that child.  They truly care for their students. 
~Heather Bomar, Franklin, TN
“I am so thankful that we found Jennie Williamson!  Just recently our oldest son took an interest in the guitar. Having been a piano teacher myself for many years, I was looking for just the right person who had a heart for teaching.  Our 13 year old loves his lessons, and has been inspired to practice faithfully.  I can wholeheartedly endorse Williamson Music Studio.”  
~Diane Baker, Franklin, TN
Both Justin and Julian have enjoyed their lessons with you and Sam.   You both made piano fun, which was lacking with their previous teacher.   Thanks you to you and to Sam for helping to make them better piano students.
~Charlynn Brown
Jennie, you are a wonderful teacher. Your patience and encouragement brings out the best in children. Your creativity in your teaching method keep children interested in music learning everyday!  We are thankful to have you as our child's teacher.
~Barua family
After three years, our 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son still want to take piano lessons because Mrs. Jennie makes it fun!  
~Deana Smith
I would like to say that you are an amazing teacher  Also,  I will be sending people your way when people ask me about guitar lessons! :)  Blessings and love to you and your beautiful family!!
~Stacey O'Hara